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The Beast Inside download pc

PC game The Beast Inside is developed by Illusion Ray Studio and its publisher is Movie Games S.A. It is a new twist on horror and thriller genre and it will definitely give you goose bumps while playing. You can get the first-hand experience of the game by download. The full version is amazing and it will give you some hint of what actual game can be.

The Beast Inside Free Download Full Version

The Beast Inside Download

The game will be first launched for pc on the Windows platform and after that it will make its debut on PS4 and Xbox One.

Thrilling storyline connecting past and present

In The Beast Inside you play as a CIA cryptanalyst Adam, together with his wife Emma they move to the countryside leaving Boston. His CIA handlers contradict with his plans to shift there as they think its not safe there. But Adam believes that he can break the military code that can change the course of Cold War by living in a quite and peaceful place.

While living in his woodland house Adam finds that diary of a soldier named Nicolas who fought in the Civil War. This soldier used to live at the same place where Adam and his wife are holed up about a hundred years ago. In his diary the Nicolas wrote that he was on a self-mission of finding his lost father. But during the course of his investigations Nicolas came across paranormal entities and events which he described in his diary in detail.

Now all of these horrifying past memories have risen again and Adam has to find the way to safe himself and Emma. All of these events seem to be connected to the Cold War which is happening today. And Adam has to find the connection of Nicolas and these events as per the current scenario.

Amazing gameplay filled with action and adventure

So, you start out in a well lit and furnished home. At first everything, there seems normal as you are putting your things in the attic. But then in the attic you come across a box. This box is a puzzle and after solving this puzzle you find a journal in there. This journal is the thing that will take you to further action in the game.

The action in the free The Beast Inside is from the perspective of a first-person. And you can assume the role of Adam and Nicolas. The game features two timelines of past and present which have occurred and are occurring from the perspective of Adam and Nicolas.

The developers of the game have gone in lengths to prepare a half-open world featuring varied locations. Players can explore the main house, abandoned inn, and swamps to look for clues. Since it is a horror game so you will find all the places with dim lights or usually completely filled with darkness. The game leaves no chance of surprising players as there can be many instances where players can encounter ghosts and supernatural entities.

Trailer The Beast Inside

The enemies can also attack you anytime through the cover of the darkness. You have your trusted revolver with you to kill the enemies but the ammo is really hard to find. The only way to deal with the enemies is to use the world to your advantage. The gameplay is not limited to combat and exploration only. You have to solve many puzzles and crack different safes in order to proceed further in the game.

You can pick and place different items in the game like a vase and many other things to your advantage. For lifting or moving heavier objects you have to make lot of efforts since it put restraints on the movement of mouse during moving them. Get similar game Layers of Fear 2 for free.

Stunning world design and graphics

The details in the design of the world and characters are simply outstanding. The physics of the game behaves as in the real-world and combining it with impressive graphics really will leave you in awe. The developers have put amazing considerations on the little details like dark lightning, house style, etc which really gives immersive gameplay.

The game doesn’t include many soundtracks or music as most of the time there is a pin drop silence. All you can hear is the sound of yourself walking or running. Including no music is a great option, since it gives the ability to concentrate on other things which may be lurking in the darkness. There are different sound effects that you will encounter while moving objects which adds realism to this game.

Since the game is available on Steam so you can download The Beast Inside by signing in to your Steam account. It is recommended to play this game to feel for yourself the horror and hair-raising experience that it provides.

The Beast Inside Download PC Games

The Beast Inside free games

System Requirements


Processor CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz
Graphics GPU: 2 GB GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon R9 270
Memory RAM: 8 GB RAM
Storage HDD: 40 GB HDD
OS: Windows 7/8/10

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