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Shakedown: Hawaii is a 2D game for PCs with Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and Wii U set in a sandbox world, in old-school visuals. The production is a direct continuation of hit Retro City Rampage. Both title were prepared by Vblank Entertainment Studio. If you are a fan of action games, get Shakedown: Hawaii Download and check this old-school sandbox offering an unbound fun. The release date is scheduled for next year 2019.

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Storyline in Shakedown: Hawaii review

The story in Shakedown: Hawaii PS4, PC, 3DS, PSV, Switch was set three decades after the events that played out in Retro City Rampage. Main character spent the last thirty years on Hawaii, basking in the sun and enjoying other charms of retirement. He not only grew older over the time, but also got quite a large potbelly. In consequence of dramatic events the former criminal has to take to arms again and rebuild his enormous criminal empire. Become again the main character of Retro City Rampage, get Shakedown: Hawaii Download and take care of order in Hawaii. Just as in the previous part, the entire role-playing campaign is kept in an absurd, ridiculous climate. The production’s scenario largely parodies various clichés in modern top-down games.

Mechanics in Shakedown: Hawaii

In terms of game’s mechanics, Shakedown: Hawaii offers the development of solutions known from Retro City Rampage. The plot is again showed from the perspective of camera places high above the character’s head. Environment’s structure is still open, player gets to subsequent locations using various vehicles or on foot. Besides the basic tasks that allow to move along role-playing plots, the production offers numerous additional missions. If you’re a fan of games providing freedom of gaming, get Shakedown: Hawaii free Download and complete all side orders.

Gameplay in Shakedown: Hawaii full version

During missions player can make use of a large array of firearms. Combat was additionally varied by the possibility of destroying game’s environment, which also influences the particular clashes’ impressiveness. Select the best sort of weaponry, get Shakedown: Hawaii Download and defeat all opponents. Elements characteristic for economic strategies diversify the gaming. Such solutions makes player show the ability to manage properly the businesses that the main hero runs as parts of his criminal activities.

Technicalities in Shakedown: Hawaii news

Shakedown: Hawaii offers exceptionally impressive graphic setting, with dominating large old-school pixels and colorful stylistics. If you’re a fan of old-fashioned productions, get Shakedown: Hawaii crack Download and discover again the charm of games from the 80s. In terms of stylistics Retro City Rampage was related to productions for 8-bit computers, whereas Shakedown: Hawaii offers graphics clearly inspired by 16-bit machines. Shakedown Hawaii system requirements recommend: ntel Pentium III 1.0 GHz processor or better, 256 MB system memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 and Vertex Shader 2.0, 150 MB HDD space, Windows XP and up.

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