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Session for PC, Xbox One is an advanced skateboarding simulator. It was created courtesy of Creature Studios. Interestingly, this game was possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. The release date is scheduled for next year 2019.

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Game mechanics review

We play Session in the third person perspective, which makes controlling the skateboard easier and more comfortable. TPP also translates into a better insight into the world of the game, so the player can search for locations that – in their opinion – will be perfect for their next, breakneck stunt. So if you like dynamic simulators, in which a good improv plays a key role, be sure to search for the phrase Session Download to install the game on your computer and see how skilful you are in skateboarding.

There are no bonus points for performing specific tricks. Nevertheless, the game itself is very realistic, reflecting the specific way you can skateboard across different terrain.

The creators of Session set their sights on realism. This means that to perform advanced and complex manoeuvres, our character needs not only sufficient skills but, above all, knowledge of how to take care of the skateboard itself. For instance, waxing the surface will increase its durability, and our character will be able to slide on barriers and other edges much longer. So if skateboarding is your passion, be sure to search for the game on Steam. Click on Session free Download and prove how pro you are in this peculiar means of transport.


In Session XONE, PC, the dynamism of the environment is not only converted through changing locations but above all through the implementation of the day and night circle. Thanks to this, the player can do tricks during the day and after dawn (and it looks really impressing). What is more, it is possible to record a video of the entire gameplay. You can then play the material on any device to boast about your skills. The game is created on the well-known Unreal engine which was already used in games such as A Way Out or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Interestingly, Session has grown quite a large community, which likes to share materials with each other. If you also want to join in, be sure to enter the phrase Session game Download into your Steam search engine to download the game on your computer and become a virtual master skateboarder.

Technical issues

Session is a well-defined position in terms of graphic design. This can be seen both in the dynamic lighting in each location, as well as in the rich animation base assigned to the character we play. The high performance of the game engine is also demonstrated by the high accuracy of the textures surrounding us, which, despite the high dynamics, remain in order.

In terms of audio, Session can be proud of an interesting soundtrack consisting only of licensed songs.

Game modes

The game is available only in single-player mode.

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