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Secret Neighbor free download

The tinyBuild Games is known as the publisher and developer of American video games. This tinyBuild Games also the one that is responsible for the creation of the video game called Secret Neighbor. By the presence of the Dynamic Pixels and the hologryph as the developers of the video game, the secret neighbor is appreciable, and it attracts the interest of the people to play and have fun with the game.

Secret Neighbor free Download PC

Secret Neighbor download

How To Play Secret Neighbor

The Secret Neighbor is the kind of video game that is set in the Universe of the Hello Neighbor, this is actually a multiplayer game that creates and made the player feels a suspenseful and thrilling sensation because of it also a type of social horror game.

In the Secret Neighbor game, the only goal and concern of the game are to rescue the missing friend; therefore, the group of kids attempts to snitch into the spine-chilling neighbor’s basement. Providing a neighbor or the player that is a traitor in disguise, is the challenge in the Secret Neighbor game.

In the game, if you are playing as the child, you have the goal to get in and place into the basement of the neighbors. It needs to carefully and silently discover the house to seek for the keys that are needed to unlock the door or the basement finally. And you will win the game if you have at least one child that enters the basement.

On the other hand, if you are playing as the neighbor before the children unlocked the door of your basement, you need to trap and catch all the children. You are the challenge in the game because you are the traitor in disguise; you have been disguised as a child at the start of the game. But then, by pressing the “T”, you can transform as the neighbor. And you can win the game once you catch and caught all the children.

And Microsoft Windows PC is the Platform of the Secret Neighbor game.

Secret Neighbor Download Full Version

Secret Neighbor free download

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