Predator: Hunting Grounds PC Download

Predator: Hunting Grounds game

Technology and its development have brought many changes in human life. It has developed things to a point where a human cannot even think of it to be like this in the past. From inventions of computers to mother mechanical devices, like the refrigerator, air conditioners and more to these televisions, smartphones, and cameras. The development of technology has grown in the past years. Internet is the most widely accepted and appreciated by them all. Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4.

Predator: Hunting Grounds game

Predator: Hunting Grounds full version

One of the developments that have proven as the revolution with the help of the internet is online gaming. Inline games are most widely used around the world. The best part of online gaming is the most of them are free. Playing games online can be helpful in enhancing the brain. While playing games online the players’ mind is active and can work better especially when games are puzzle-based.

One of the most played video game is the PlayStation. This was the first gaming system that has used CDs for their games. This was developed by Sony and it is considered one of the best things Sony has developed. It is played by millions of users around the world. With this going Sony has recently announced the new game Predator: Hunting Grounds. It has been revealed that it would be an asymmetrical online multiplayer game. It is published by SIEE and developed by IllFonic. The genre of this game is action / first-person shooter/shooter.

About the game

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an online video game. It is an asymmetrical online multiplayer game. The mission of the predator in this game is very clear and that is to hunt. It can be installed on any computer as it is a Predator: Hunting Grounds PC Game. This game will feature male and female and became body shaped predators. The reviewed production uses Unreal Engine 4. The graphics are brilliant and compared to Dead by Daylight. Release date: April 24, 2020. This game has three classes with a wide variety of weapons and masks.

  • Scout class
  • Hunter class
  • Berserker class
  1. Scout class: The scout predators are light, quick and adept with range weaponry, and they have improved immunity, stamina, and recovery. But they will be less effective in close quarters combats.
  2. Hunter Class: The Hunter class is a versatile and well balanced adaptive warrior. It has been powered with health, strength and speed recovery and stamina.
  3. Berserkers Class: Berserkers is the largest predators in the game. It has the best health, strength and strong melee attacks. It also has a significant energy reserve. But it comes with slow movements.


This game has several techs and weapons. Here is a list of the weapons this game has

  • Camouflage
  • Smart Disc
  • Combi-stick
  • Plasma Caster
  • Wrist blades
  • Yautja Bow
  1. Camouflage is undetectable, bending light around the body to cover it within the environment and it allows the predator to stay hidden until its all set to strike.
  2. Smart Disc is one of the most lethal things in this game in the predator’s arsenal. It uses a guidance system when thrown to achieve multiple targets before it comebacks to the predators.
  3. Combi-stick is useful in both the close combat and from far away.
  4. Plasma Caster in the game is one of the deadliest weapons of predators. this shoulder-mounted canon –penetrates plasma bolts across long distances.
  5. Wrist blades can be best-used when one is ready to kill the enemy.
  6. Yautja Bow is the light and compact bow and is a classic hunter weapon.

This game has two editions:

  • Digital Delux edition
  • Standard Edition

Its Standard edition includes the fully completed base game with all the modes, equipment, base and characters whereas its digital deluxe edition includes  Playstation themed predator and armor skin, fireteam camo and weapons skin, predators mask war paint. It also includes a digital mini art book, Playstation 4 dynamic theme, five field lockers, early access to Predator Eclipse Mask, and Early access to Battle Hardened Assault Character.

This game is fun for all those who love hunting and are a fan of online gaming. Predator: Hunting Grounds free is the game that brings the very realistic experience of hunting in the lush green jungles. 4 people can team up together and play this game. The team has to complete the parliamentary operations before the predator finds them. They can collect trophies by chasing the targets and winning them all.  Predator’s only aim is to hunt and achieve.

The online world has engaged many people from around the world. The Internet has provided several services to users. It allows us to download Predator: Hunting Grounds. It is the free game and let users Predator: Hunting Grounds install it on their devices. Gaming is a way of learning and socializing in near times kids use to go out to play games and they learn things by being around the people and they make friends. But technology has changed the way and, methods of learning, playing and socializing. Now the players can make friends online and can play games with the teammates anywhere and anytime.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Download

Predator: Hunting Grounds game

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