Need for Speed: Heat Free Game to Download

Need for Speed: Heat free download

The developer Ghost Games is focused in mixing formula yet again in Need for Speed: Heat. NFS Heat PC Game is undeniably the most popular arcade racing game series. This arcade racing game has been around for 25 years. The latest series is scheduled to hit multiple platforms including Windows PC.

Need for Speed: Heat series is planned in the new open world dubbed Palm City. The game has the Florida settings based on reveals and game play trailer. It looks more like of a Miami with palm trees lining on streets and seaside vibe.

Need for Speed: Heat / NFS Heat Download PC

Need for Speed: Heat free game

Many new modes have been included in the game and you will see two unique styles to play. Speedhunters Showdown mode is included which racers can earn cash by winning. The rewards earned can be used for purchasing new character customizations and cars for the game.

The latest series of NFS Heat comes with the option of day/night game play. Cops patrol during the day and you can take part in illegal racing. The game play trailer has also revealed that cruiser ramming into side of car. This is done to keep the racer from making too much of banks.

The daytime racing looks to be more of own pace. You can race around the town and search for collectibles, while completing the challenges in between races. This is where you can earn your rewards and go for more customization options.


As per the new game play trailer of Free Need for Speed: Heat game it showcases many things. This ranges from new deep customization options, fast cars and return of cops for patrolling. The game play takes place in the fictional town of Palm City. The city appears to be more of Miami and the game focuses on offering opportunity to drive around day and night.

There are different styles for racing in each level of the game. As the day starts and sun is out, the sectioned races start in the competition mode called Speedhunters Showdown. The gamers would win rewards when they race in the form of Bank. It can be used for tweaking the cars and prepare for night time races.

The cops return in this new game play which will enforce the law. But it won’t be too aggressive during the day time racing. This seems like there is no defined day night cycle. You are allowed to switch to night racing when it is available and ready.

As the sun goes down, the illicit street racing starts and you get chances to earn rep. But ensure to experience the increased level of heat. Some of the rogue cops will come out to stop you from racing at night.

Earn Street Rep with Nigh Racing

As mentioned, the latest Need for Speed: Heat game come with new day/night cycle. Moreover, the game has many new play styles and it depends on whether the sun is up or down. You get the chance to choose when you are ready to advance for night racing.

The developer has not yet revealed how the game works. But the game play trailer confirmed that players can hang out in Speedhunter Showdown. This can be done before desiring to push the sun down and turn the headlight on.

NFS Heat Trailer

The night racing is very risky and not legal in the game. While racing at night you aim for Rep which is the new in-game currency. You earn more rep as you progress and win. The better ranking you earn in the race, the higher Rep you can earn.

But as you earn more Rep, the heat level increases and the heat level may increase up to 5. This is basically the scale and the higher you are on scale, more attention you will receive from cops. Check the previous version of Need for Speed Payback for download.

As far as cops are concerned, the cops keep on patrolling all day and night. The cops are not really playing by the rules at the night racing. They are aggressive very much and will knock the racers off the road and also your car. Armoured trucks will be sent along with choppers to find you. This is when the heat level starts increasing.

If cops catch you in the hunt before reaching safe zone like garage and house, you will be penalized. All the money and the Rep that you have earned from night racing would be taken by the cops. So, you won’t have anything left once you are caught.

The Rep level only increases when you compete in the racing and perform well in the night races. As you earn more Reps you get chance to customize the cars and unlock some higher level cars with better ratings. Character customization is also available for players with higher Reps. So, Download Need for Speed: Heat to experience the real life racing on PC.

Need for Speed: Heat Free Full Version

NFS Heat Download

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