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Last Oasis is the advanced survival MMO game by the developer Donkey Crew. The game was announced by the developers back in the month of January. It has made an entry in the gaming world with the incredible trailer full of excitement and colliding behemoths.

The set of the game takes the gamers to the world after the apocalypse where the last humans need to survive fighting the scorching Sun. Everyone in the game needs to survive in odd nomadic machines walking around the area using the mechanical legs.

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Last Oasis free

The trailer also shows that Last Oasis PC Game is quite wild and has a high regard for the bizarre land ships in the game. The new series of Oasis game has a variety of crashes, fights, combat and even skirmishes between the groups of players on ground. However, the developer confirms that Last Oasis is not more of warfare.

The Storyline of Last Oasis!

After the launch of the trailer it has successfully grabbed our attention. It shows the survival of the last humans in the world after the apocalypse. It shows how humans are working together in order to survive and cross the reach scorched landscape for their last hope of survival.

The last humans in the game are required to use the last means of communication. It is the wind powered land ships and other mechanical legs. The developers have design the story to keep players engaged in the game. The storyline hypothesize a future where the world has stopped from spinning.

Since the world has stopped from spinning, it leads to splitting of the planet into two halves. One half of the world is extremely hot where survival is impossible, while the other half is extremely cold for the humans.

The narrow band between the cold and the hot halves is the place on that planet where survival is possible. Humans in the game know that it supports life and hence they attempt migration to that place. All humans in Last Oasis need to migrate to that location to survive from scorching Sun.

In order to keep moving and reach the pace successfully, they need to use the self-made nomadic machines. A walking city is also created by the remnants of humanity in the game called the Flotilla.

Right at the centre of the game they find the huge walking mobile bases which march across that landscape. The players are required to pilot to those mobile bases at higher speed. They need to combat with other groups of humans in the deadly battles as they cross the mobile bases.

Finally, the last series would include the player driven economy, trade system, base building, melee combat and also solo experiences. It is purely a PC game and hence it supports almost all the platforms of Windows. So, Download Last Oasis for free on your Windows PC to enjoy playing it.

The Game Play of Last Oasis!

The game play is very simple and you won’t find any difficulty in playing the game so get Last Oasis Free now. The game play involves teaming up with other groups of players from across the world. Every group needs to create larger machines for crafting, harvesting, building bases and finally crew them all.

Gamers are required to shun the warfare completely and attempt to make it as the trader by using the player run economy. This helps in making the player’s fortune and become the pirate or the prey of the normads in the game.

Like other EVE online games, the gamers can become a part of their alliance that manages the region or area and the resources. You then require protecting them from the attacks of other clans.

Everyday players need to send both willing as well as unwilling nomads in the Flotilla to pass the Oases. This way you can collect more resources required for keep the city walking. But expect to get back few as not all return alive.

In the Last Oasis, the players take up the role of unwilling nomads selected by the Flotilla. Their role is to collect resources and attempt to build the walkers. Large land ship machines are created using the resources so as to travel the world. It supports them in combating, travelling, harvesting and base building.

The walkers can be upgraded in the game. It can be equipped with a variety of attachments for different purposes. In the high levels of the game, the clan warfare integrated several walkers. Players can easily manage them from both the sides.

During the clan warfare, a huge amount of resources are lost. So, it is up to the player to decide when and how to attack in the game. The clans can create the alliances and hostilities overtime.

You are likely to achieve the time of peace later in the game and also the time of global war.

Last Oasis free Full Version

Last Oasis download

System Requirements


CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz
GPU: 2 GB GeForce GTX 770 / Radeon HD 7870
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

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