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Just Cause 2 (TPP) on PC, PS3, X360 is like a good adventure action movie. We have got an open world to explore in the game, intense gameplay, a lot of emotions and banal scenario. The described title will be a great excuse for fans of impressive effects. Thanks to Just Cause 2 Download you will be able to dwell into the world of the game and forget about reality. Tropical island of Panau and Rico Rodriguez are waiting for our help in smashing everything up what stands on our way. The producer of the reviewed (TPS) game is the Avalanche studio and the publisher Square-Enix / Eidos. Release date announced by the producer Avalanche Studios: March 23, 2010.

Just Cause 2 Download Full Version

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Chases, shootings and lack of logic review

After short tutorial at the beginning of the game, an open world is there waiting for us that we can freely explore. It is the first pros we can attribute to the presented game. Another positive aspect is visual setting in Just Cause 2 PS3, Windows, X360, which greatly captures the atmosphere of the game. Sandbox realities allow us to explore and destroy the published reality. For this activity, we receive so-called chaos points that are necessary in unlocking missions in the game. The tasks that are waiting on us in Just Cause 2 are in most cases about destruction, so you shouldn’t expect any variations in this respect. We shouldn’t assign this trait as the flaw made by the authors, because the character of the game fits very well with this kind of story. The title, in terms of a scenario, is similar to the banal action movie. If we approach to that with a grain of salt, it is not going to hurt us. The players who value only complicated histories will be surely in pain because of the idiocy that pours out of the screen during playing Just Cause 2.

Action, action and once again dynamic action

The dynamics of the game is the main element on which the authors decided to focus. We have to admit that it came out perfectly. There will be no time to be bored in here. Crazy races around the island, killing hordes of computer adversaries – this is an everyday occupation in Just Cause 2. Game is a perfect tilt unloader after hard day. In this respect, authors did not fail the fans of the first instalment and we will be able to throw ourselves into the endless fight once again. Controlling, so relevant in this type of gameplay, is great. It lets us on another, crazy experiments with the physics of the world, which allows us on a lot of crazy actions.

We know the good sides, what about the bad ones?

Unfortunately, each game includes a handful of errors that just cannot be avoided. As mentioned above, the storyline is pathetic, what eventually reduces the playability of the production. Stunt performances are starting to bore us after some time, and a good script could significantly improve the quality of the game. There are also the problems with the sound design. Dialogues of the characters are sometimes cut off before the end of utterance. The mistakes in characters and objects animation are also visible as well as other minor technical issues. The game has not been fully polished by the authors and sometimes it is painfully evident. The latest part of Just Cause 4 is available for 2018.

What can we do with the excess of energy?

If we are not into physical activities, Just Cause 2 Download and the gameplay is something we can use to get rid of too much energy. Players, who love intense action will be satisfied in 100% with the money spent on the title. However, in more problematic situation will land people, who are not fans of mindless shooting on the screen, people who need at least a small portion of arcade challenge or need to receive a dose of intellectual food for the soul. Before buying Just Cause 2, it is worth to think which group you belong to and what is your priority during the virtual game. For the production needs great graphics, Avalanche Engine 2.0 and a very good soundtrack were used. Recommended hardware requirements: Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz, 10 GB HDD, graphics card 512 MB (GeForce GTS 250 or better), 3 GB RAM, Windows Vista / 7. Official site: https://justcause.square-enix-games.com/en-us.

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