Horizon: Forbidden West – Complete Edition Download

Horizon: Forbidden West - Complete Edition download pc

Introduction to Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition is the definitive version of the acclaimed open-world action-adventure game with RPG elements. This edition not only includes the base game but also features the Burning Shores DLC, enriching the experience with additional content. Set in a post-apocalyptic version of the American West, players embark on a poignant journey with Aloy, the resilient protagonist, to combat a new world-threatening plague.

Horizon: Forbidden West – Complete Edition Download

Horizon Forbidden West pc

Gameplay Mechanics

The Expansive Open World

In Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition, players explore an extensive map that stretches across the western and central United States. From the ruins scattered across the landscape to forests, rocky mountains, deserts, and snow-capped peaks, the game offers a variety of environments. Navigation is possible on foot or by riding diverse mechanical creatures, adding a dynamic element to exploration.

Engaging Combat and Stealth Mechanics

Combat in the game is vigorous and varied, allowing players to use bows, spears, thrown spears, grenades, and various traps. Aloy can engage enemies loudly or opt for stealth to take adversaries down quietly. As players progress, they develop Aloy’s skills and craft better equipment, which is crucial for tackling tougher challenges.

Narrative and Character Development

Following the events of the original Horizon game, Aloy faces a new, mysterious plague that threatens all life on Earth. The Burning Shores DLC further extends the storyline, taking her to the ruins of Los Angeles to confront additional perils. Throughout her journey, Aloy meets numerous allies and confronts foes, both human and mechanical, which enriches the narrative depth and emotional impact of the game.

Technical Aspects and Additional Content

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition boasts high-quality graphics with detailed locations and realistically animated characters. The addition of the Burning Shores DLC and various digital bonuses, such as the soundtrack, a concept art album, the Horizon Zero Dawn Vol. 1: The Sunhawk comic in English, and various in-game items for the photo mode, significantly enhance the overall package.

Remarkably, the full game is available for free download, offering players unrestricted access to its extensive content.


Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition represents a comprehensive package for newcomers and seasoned players alike. Its intricate open world, compelling narrative, and robust gameplay mechanics provide a rich gaming experience. Additionally, the free download of the full game allows everyone to enjoy this meticulously crafted adventure without any barriers. This complete edition not only continues the beloved series but also sets a high standard for open-world adventure games.

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