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A new sandbox game by Ubisoft called Far Cry 4 is a continuation of a very successful series of full game pc. Which is appreciated by the experienced players for its combination of First Person Shooter and RPG elements, where an action takes place in completely open world for the player. First instalment was premiered for the world in 2004 by Crytek Company.

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It was a kind of breakthrough in FPS types of games because to that moment players were able to move on the closed levels, without the possibility of wider exploration of the world. What’s more, it was difficult to find a game where our opponents had such advanced artificial intelligence in 2004. Game required tactical approach, what was unusual in shooter games released in those years. Is it worth once again to enter the world prepared by Ubisoft? Release date: November 18, 2014.

About Game

The action of Far Cry 4 available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 takes us to Kyrat – small, fictional country placed in the Himalayas. Its inhabitants put great emphasis on tradition and they value the simple way of life. This country, however, is shaken by the outbreak of civil war resulted by the actions of Pagan Min – an eccentric military warlord, who is also a self-proclaimed ruler of Kyrat. Together with his supporters, he introduces iron hand leadership, paying no attention to the victims of the conflict on the civilian side.

A group of rebels decide to stop uncontrollable Min’s ambitions. They are trying to deprive him of his power and stop raging violence. The main hero of the FPP game is Ajay Ghale. His task is to take the hardships of the journey and reach Kyrat, in order to fulfil the last will of his mother.

Gameplay FC4

During gameplay players gradually become familiar with the mysteries of Kyrat. Wild animals widely presented in here make it easy to hunt, and obtaining resources in that manner can be crafted in checked crafting system on larger holster, wallet, etc. While playing, player can roam throughout the territory of the Himalayan state with ease using different means of transport in Far Cry 4 thanks to vast and open map. The whole system was based on a modified Dunia Engine, thanks to which we received a great graphics and sountrack. Ubisoft company announced during the publication of one of the articles that it will let DLC called Hurk’s Redemption. Try to play the latest premiere of Far Cry 5 free Download and rate our review.

The development of campaign in Far Cry 4 steam lets us on performing several dozens of storyline missions. But player got the opportunity to participate in side quests and optional tasks such as releasing posts, time deliveries or wild animals hunt. Because of the fact that this is mainly an FPS game, developers made sure to give us a sizable arsenal, as always. We got variety of pistols, carbines, grenades, bows or crossbows at our disposal. We can also use knives and daggers. It is worth noting that the game offers us approximately 60 types of weapons that can be modified. Diversity and the possibilities for development of our weapons do a really great impression and essentially lengthen the time that you will want to spend on Far Cry 4.

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Another novelty is the system of karma, which involves gathering additional points for helping the rebels from the Golden Path. In the fight with dictator’s army, as well as worshipping the local deities. In return, we receive discounts in the shops with weapons and the ability to absorb food on the battlefield. Developers have prepared for us single player mode and multiplayer. In addition ot the standard modes we know from previous parts, this time we have got co-op too. It means that we can perform side quests and optional tasks together with our friends in an open world of Far Cry 4. To sum up, the recommended requirements for this game are Intel Core i5-2400S 2.5 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM memory, 2 GB graphics card (GeForce GTX 680 or better), 30 GB HDD and Windows Vista/7/8 (64 bit).

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