Fallout 4 Free Download

Fallout 4 free download

Fallout 4 is the latest production of Bethesda studio. It is the game that lets us do whatever we want – its action takes place in the post-apocalyptic world – and there is nothing we have to be restricted by, no rules to follow…

Fallout 4 Download on PC full version

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Storyline of the game

If you wish to move yourself to the post-apocalyptic world – do not hesitate, use Fallout 4 free download and see for yourself how the world after doom may look. The authors of the game managed to maintain the original atmosphere, despite significant changes in interface, graphics, and overall settings. So, there’s a lot things we should pay attention to even if this isn’t the first time we’re playing the series.

The plot in here is of course dark, and not so unrealistic – the gameplay takes place on the suburbs of Boston, the moment before nuclear warheads are fired, that destroy almost all life on the planet Earth! After creating our figure (a man or a woman), we find ourselves in the atomic shelter. Download Fallout 4 full version today and see for yourself how terrifying vision of destruction of everything we once knew can be. Luckily, this is just a game. However, thanks to magnificent graphics, it’s super realistic! After 20 years spent in the shelter, our character walks out and his job is to find other members of his family in this dangerous environment, where there’s nothing left.

Game mechanics

In the game we can appreciate already known S.P.E.C.I.A.L or V.A.T.S game systems. Importantly, the producer gave us a huge freedom in choosing – it’s up to us where we decide to go and what we will do in this dangerous world. From now on crafting system is a very important part of the game – thanks to that we can use scrap to create various items, or even whole buildings. It will greatly facilitate surviving in this wild environment and finding our close ones.

Feel like the character, the only one that survived – download Fallout 4 codex and face your destiny – the necessity of roaming through destroyed world, saving the leftovers of our dignity, and finding your family – the only relations that connect us with the life before the apocalypse, reminding us about our humanity.

Amazing graphics

The scenography in this game deserves its special attention. Everything around us reminds us about the tragedy that happens to the world years ago. We can observe how the world after the apocalypse looks like and let our imagination run wild. Did the authors indeed go too far in depicting what could really happen after nuclear war? An additional advantage of the game is its uniquely easy and intuitive steering, what gives us the chance to move without any showy stunts. Graphics leaves a vast field for our imagination – the smallest architectural and environmental details have been taken care of. They clearly show how great tragedy happened here.

As it often happens in modern versions of cult games, there are also such attractions as changing weather conditions. Except for that, we have got a very interesting arsenal to choose from and the chance to change found parts onto items and buildings. Thanks to that the game is really interesting and very absorbing. Use Fallout 4 download and enjoy it!

Fallout 4 free Download Codex

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