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Dragon Age Inquisition free download

BioWare studio has created third part of cRPG saga known as Dragon Age. The game is very similar to the first cycle when it comes to its construction. However, it includes some easements that will be surely noticed by more experienced players. If you consider yourself as one, then you should definitely make use of skidrow Dragon Age III: Inquisition full version and enjoy modernized things offered by the producer of the game! The premiere of the game took place in the United States on November 18, 2014 was released by the world-famous Electronic Arts Inc. https://dragoninquisition.com/

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Absorbing storyline review

A role-playing game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Thedas, the city in the multiplayer game, is plunged into chaos. After the invasion of darkspawns, ten years after the events of the first part of the saga, the kingdom Ferelden has still not fully recovered. The Orlais Empire, on the other hand, is occupied with civil war. Additionally, Templars from all over the continent are fighting with mages. The dark age of war begins, where everyone fights with everyone. The mortal world and the parallel dimension called the Void begins to unify, the boundaries between them are disappearing. However, it doesn’t mean they will live in peace. The demons are attacking and this invasion can be stopped only by the Inquisition…

The hero that will save the world

The main protagonist is the commander of the Inquisition. He is accompanied by three fearless companions. Their job is to get to know the identity of the person that brought monsters into the world of living. This is the only thing that can stop the Inquisition from saving the world from doom. A very interesting element in the game is a sexual topic. The heroes are involved in different relations, romances, relationships, and all of that is summarized with the sex scenes. The inquisitor is a very important character in the whole game. He is taking all the side quests, while trying to follow the main course of action. However, not everything is 100% moral – one can notice how conflicted feelings will influence us. The battles require from the player a good tactics as well as perceptiveness. Particular heroes need to be thought how to cooperate with each other in order to achieve the common goal – defeating the enemies. The player can command the members of our team. It is possible based on our experience and tactical skills. We can also focus on one particular character and fight with him. Tanks to that it is all dependent from the player what’s going on in the battlefield. If you want to test yourself in battle, click Dragon Age Inquisition (TPP) download and see what hides behind the keyboard shortcuts, with the use of which you will move the character!

Dragon Age III: Inquisition requirements

The fantasy game is rather demanding, your hardware requires at least Intel Quad Core processor with minimum 2.0 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, 512 MB graphics card NVidia 8800 GT or Radeon 4870, or much better for high quality details. The game is made for Windows 7 64 bit or newer.

Since the game is filled with vulgarisms, sex scenes, and violence, it is available for players of 18 years old or older. If you are mature enough, you can download Dragon Age Inquisition available on PC, X360, PS3, XONE or PS4 and enjoy the amazing effects, marvellous graphics, perfect gameplay and the awesome Frostbite engine known for: Fifa 19 or Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Thousands of players have rated the sandbox game very positively, especially in terms of changes that were made in the scope of two previous editions. Varied weather as a modernized feature will surely be an additional treat in the gameplay, making the game ever more difficult!
It is worth reminding that the game received such distinctions as:

  1. The Game Award: The Game of the Year (2014)
  2. The Game Award: The best role-playing game (2014)
  3. GLAAD Media Award: Special distinction (2015)

Dragon Age Inquisition on Metacritic received 85/100 points from 45 reviews, and received a lot of positive feedback on Eurogamer or GameStar.
Price on origin: 39,99 USD.
PEGI: 18

Dragon Age Inquisition Download full version

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