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Dishonored 2 is a game set in a fictional, steampunk world. It is a first person player stealth game made by Arkane studio and published by Bethesda Softworks publisher.

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The storyline

Dishonored 2 is a production set in a specific, industrial world strictly based on steampunk. The events of the game take place fifteen years later compared to Dishonored, which was the progenitor of the series. Main characters in here are Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin and it’s up to us which character we are going to play. The location of the game is also fictional. Contrary to the first one, the action of the new version of the game is located in the city of Karnac, the capital of the kingdom of Sarkonos. Emily Kaldwin is rather mysterious character. Earlier on, we knew her as the queen of other kingdom, or Empire in a matter of fact. Unfortunately, as a result of plotting, she was deprived of the crown and forced to run to previously mentioned Karnac. Of course, this is not where the game ends. Our heroes have to undertake variety of tasks in order to reclaim the crown to its rightful owner.

So, if you too are curious about the new instalment of this popular game, be sure to download this game by entering in the search engine Dishonored 2 Download. Help the young empress reclaim the throne!

Game mechanics

As mentioned above, we’ve got the chance to choose the figure we’re going to play. It is true that at the beginning we are “crammed” into the shoes of a young empress, but with time we face a clear choice of the character we want to select. Contrary to appearances, the choice of the figure we wish to play is significant. Why? Because this is the final choice and we are not going to change that later on. Well, unless we begin a new game.
Each individual character has a slightly different combat methods. What is more, they have different dialogue texts and above all, different spells. This time, Attano can speak, unlike in the first part…

So, if you want to see how the fate of the young empress ends, you ought to download the game under the phrase Dishonored 2 Download on your computer. You will see that the role of the ruler is not so easy.

Game modes

We’ve got bad news for all those who prefer to play in multiplayer mode. Dishonored 2 is not available in multi. It is surely a mistake because as you know, we can choose two characters. Cooperation mode would be most desirable.

Technical issues

Graphics in Dishonored 2 was significantly improved in comparison with the first one. Much has changed in terms of artificial intelligence as well. From now on the guards, with whom we will fight, will be much more intelligent than before. If you want to test the cleverness of the guards by yourself, thanks to Dishonored 2 Download you can do it! Download the game on your computer and you will see who is better. The character controlled by you or the guard before whom you need to sneak.

Additional information

Dishonored 2 is the game rather open to players. Developers have provided special tool, which lets you to edit the gameplay to the certain extend. In this way, each of the players will be able to adjust the game to its requirements. All of this because players who played the first edition complained about poor level of the gameplay and too easy game. From now on it will be much harder and more complex. In summary, Dishonored 2 is the game for the real fans of this type of plays. It turns out that the new edition of the game is much better polished than the first one in terms of both the level of the game as well as graphic design.

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