Death Stranding Download PC Game

Death Stranding pc download

PC games are very interesting and if you are an ardent fan of Kojima games, then you are on the right page. Death stranding, which is an action-adventurous game, that got released for the PC and Play Station 4 is receiving mixed responses from its players. Moreover, this game was developed by popular Kojima Productions. However, it is the first game developed by the production’s director Hideo Kojima.

Death Stranding Free Full Version on PC!

Death Stranding download

The game has a mixed review round-up and is quite confusing for the new players. One part of the audience finds it to be just a game with multiple picturesque landscapes. However, others feel it be super-exciting, a new genre, and unique from other corporate overlords.

The PC game Death stranding is all about post-apocalypse after which Sam Bridges, the leading character should pass across different landscapes to save civilization. On the other hand, the graphics and animation part of the game is truly applaudable. For those who are looking for the right opinion about the game, wait until the end of this post.

Death stranding: Worth It Or Not?

GamePlay Of Death stranding

The game starts off with the bleak dystopia and Sam is there to establish the civilization back to normal. Further, his mission is to search for the survivors from the apocalypse and generate a new civilization. For this, he goes on for a great journey across different landscapes which are amazing. Apart from joining the survivors, he is also responsible to create a network.

This will help for a new network to share communication and resources. However, some people are ready to join this group whereas some should be convinced by the players as Sam. The gameplay starts on the East coast of the US. It continues by traveling to the west by using every resource available. The player in Death Stranding PC game can travel bravely across various landscapes on the path and building a new place from scratch.

Terrifying Graphics

The game is amazing in graphics and the users are amazed by the stunning locations are shown in the game. The game offers a seamless and smooth performance in the Play Station 4. The performances are motion-captured and therefore it looks like a real animation movie with enhanced quality.

Each character has been developed with great details like their wrinkles, smirks, and so on. In particular, you can experience the best of recognizable voices and face of the characters Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen in Death stranding PC game.

Strongest Performance

The mysterious role of Mads Mikkelsen has the strongest performance which is quite difficult to reveal. There is a baby character, BB, which is carried by Sam during his exploration of survivors. It alerts him about the ghost around him which he cannot see. However, the game alerts you frequently that BB should be treated as equipment and not a human.

The best thing is that the emotional connection you develop with this baby when it starts to cry. You will start trembling and start moving the controls to soothe the child.

Simple Setup Leading To Crazy Paths

The style of Hideo Kojima can be seen in this game too, where he leads the story in different directions through the set up of the entire game is very simple. The game is divided into many chapters and you can find unique and strange characters. Some of them include Fragile, Mama, Heartman, and so on who can deliver the remembering performances. A similar great action game is Gears of War 4.

Not Focusing

The story is not focused until you reach 10 hours of total gameplay. Though they are amazing landscapes and beautifully directed action sequences, you cannot get a sense out of it. The players of Death stranding game are intended to take small decisions along the length of the game. For instance, you get doubts like cutting through the camp consisting of more enemies, the hard route across the mountains, or not, and similar situations.

Similarly, you need to be very careful even while walking as a small mistaken step can make Sam fall. Therefore, one should be careful along its length for scoring high. However, this annoying feeling can be experienced only at the beginning as there will be some of the memorable moments.

To sum up

In conclusion, the game has some of the best aspects like graphics, storyline, and the best performances of the characters. On the other hand, the story seems to travel a little vague, clunky combat sequences, distracting intrusions, and so on which seems quite disappointing. However, at the end of the game, you will not feel these smaller mistakes bothering you.

The imperfections of the game are amazingly created and the strongest characters let you experience the best moments. You can download Death stranding for sure as the game is not that bad to try.

Death Stranding Download PC Games

Death Stranding free pc game

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