Dauntless free Download

Dauntless free download

This game is a forthcoming role-playing and free to play action video game developed and published by the Phoenix Labs and is open under the platforms Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows PC and other mobile platforms.

Dauntless game Download PC

Dauntless download

Game Development

Dauntless will be the first-ever studio release. It was mainly inspired and often compared to a series named Capcom’s Monster Hunter series it was developed under the Phoenix Labs which was formed by the former Riot Games developers namely Robin Mayne, Sean Bender, and Jesse Houston including the 40 developers that were formerly a member from Capcom, BioWare, and Blizzard Entertainment.

The developers themselves had a hard time collecting over 6000 hours in different Monster Hunter titles. It was also mainly influenced by the World of Warcraft and Dark Souls. Jesse Houston gave the full credits at the game Dark Souls for helping them out to prove that there are a market existing for the “hardcore action games” genres that gives focus on the environment encounters versus players, it allowed the players to take a safe risk on their first approach to Dauntless.

Dauntless is envisioned to be played cooperatively as they visualize it as an experience of social competency, and they are planning to put addition some multiplayer/social interactions that are in demand in games such as Destiny and World of Warcraft to take apart Dauntless from the game Monster Hunter. Jesse Houston also stated that they are also planning to create extremely difficult quests and missions within the entire game so that the valuable players will be allowed to reach the principle endgame state. However, only a few players who are skilled enough will be chosen to take on these quests, and some missions are similar to the quests in World Of Warcraft.

Dauntless Download Full Version Game

Dauntless free download

System Requirements


CPU: Intel Core i5
GPU: 2 GB GeForce GTX 660
OS: Windows 7


CPU: Intel Core i7
GPU: 4 GB GeForce GTX 970
OS: Windows 10

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