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BioShock The Collection

In the package BioShock: The Collection (FPP) one can find the first instalment of the series with Kane Levine, additional level, and achievements; BioShock 2 without multiplayer mode but with two additions; as well as BioShock Infinite with all DLC additions. Reviewed science fiction game that premiered on September 13, 2016 is a pack, which includes all games of the series that were remastered. Everything has been designed with the thought of PlayStation 4 console but it is also available on PC and XONE. Prepared production of the 2K Games publisher itself is well-known and respectable FPS with RPG elements among the players. WWW:

BioShock The Collection Download PC

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The beginning of the trilogy review

In the first part there are also elements of survival horror. The story itself begins in 1960, when the plane with our protagonist on the board – Jack – crashes, and we have to swim to the lighthouse visible from the distance. Eventually, it turns out that the lighthouse is located on the undersea city of Rapture, where we will spend our in-game time in the first part of the trilogy. Complex itself is huge and it was the place, where breakthrough discovery happened – ADAM substance was discovered. This substance gives to the individual supernatural abilities, even immortality. However, there have been a fight between the fractions that were distributing the substance, and metropolis was destroyed. Those, who survived the fight, have lost the remnants of their humanity.

The continuation of the trilogy

In the second part, we are back to the town of Rapture located under the water as prototype Big Daddy and we have a lot of abilities assigned to him at our disposal. The base weapon is huge drill as well as rivet gun – strong, pneumatic gun. Big Daddy is a large monster we fought more than once in the first part. Our target in the second instalment is the fight with the new queen that sits on throne. If you want to release the underwater city from the new queen, get BioShock The Collection Download.

The end of the trilogy

In BioShock Infinite released in 2013 – the third edition of trilogy – we are moved to the beginnings of XX century as Booker De Witt. Our hero, who is a detective working for Pinkerton agency, gets fired very quickly and begins working independently. As the blessing in disguise, he receives an offer thanks to which he can earn a lot but at the same time it’s very dangerous. Soon we are on the board of Columbia, soaring metropolis, where the power has been taken by unknown group. Columbia was once a peace project. However, it turned out to be flying fortress, which is a danger for the whole globe. On the board there are two factions that fight with each other and in this whole mess we have to free a woman named Elizabeth, who was imprisoned on Columbia 15 years ago. If you want to save an innocent woman from the hands of brutal stalkers, then get BioShock The Collection Download. As you can see in the attached trailer, the game uses great graphics and a very good soundtrack thanks to the Unreal Engine 3 used.

Shooter with RPG elements

As for the gameplay itself, it is the first person player shooter with RPG elements. In the single-player game in most cases we fight with adversaries, who are trying to get us. However, the exploration of the location has its role in the game. During exploring, we have find very helpful items as well as notes of the citizens of the city. Thanks to them we learn about another elements of the storyline. We fight with the use of firearm and our supernatural abilities resulted from the modified genetic code. Check most popular Dishonored 2 for download.

The biggest advantage of remastered edition is its clearly improved visual setting. Maximum resolution was increased up to 1920×1080 and 60 frames per second were achieved. Special effects look much better, and the levels load much faster. IF you want to see breath-taking locations, then get BioShock The Collection Download today. BioShock The Collection system requirements recommend: Quad Core 3 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD, graphics card 2 GB GeForce GTX 770 or better, Windows 7 (64-bit).

BioShock The Collection PC Download Full Version

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