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Beyond Good & Evil 2 is another instalment of the popular series of adventure games with the same name, created by Ubisoft. In comparison to the previous game, a number of interesting changes have been introduced here. No wonder that some fans of this amazing production called it “Grand Theft Auto in space”.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a prequel of the previous production, released in 2003. Several characters that appear in this game are, in some cases, the ancestors of other people from the first Beyond Good & Evil. However, the game still takes place in the distant future – in the 22nd century. If you want to learn about the sources of one of the most popular RPG stories, be sure to enter the phrase Beyond Good & Evil 2 free Download into your Steam search engine and join the brave race of people fighting for their place in space.

The plot of the game is rooted in the pursuit of some of the world’s powers to colonize space. It turned out that countries such as China and India have started the production of human and animal hybrids, that made work in harsh and even dangerous space conditions possible in the first place. This created the foundations for completely new, cosmic metropolises. Interestingly, each of them began to reveal its distinctive features, stemming from the cultural diversity of its founders. One of the solar systems recently discovered by Earthlings was System 3, which due to a large number of raw materials, became a very important economic link of Earth’s civilization. Unfortunately, as time went by, the place becomes a shelter for people who only want to get filthy rich through pillage and piracy.

This is the moment when our hero appears, climbing the steps of the local social ladder. This is how they become more and more recognizable and… finally get behind a spaceship, which makes travelling to the surrounding planets much easier. If you also want to join it, be sure to enter the phrase Beyond Good & Evil 2 Download into your Steam search engine and find out if you can become a big shot.

Game mechanics

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is an ambitious and thorough work. For instance, the movement of the sun on the horizon is not only a nice graphical addition but the result of rotation around the nearest star.

But that is not all! During the gameplay, our hero will be in many, completely unknown before places. Be it bustling cities or much smaller villages with hidden secrets.

The game’s strong point is exploration in its broadest sense. We can traverse on foot and by using various vehicles (including space ones). One of the nicer touches are flights between different planets, not interrupted even by loading screens.

Technical issues

The creators have prepared as much high-quality generated structures as possible. Thanks to them, the surrounding world is truly mesmerising. The soundtrack is also solid gold, made up of multi-genre music tracks. If you want to experience this beauty, be sure to enter the phrase Beyond Good & Evil 2 skidrow Download into your Steam search engine and see how beautiful the universe can look like from the perspective of a computer screen.

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