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Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter designed for Windows PC. The game is the work of independent developers from the Mundfish studio based in Russia. If you are a fan of dynamic FPS games, click on Atomic Heart skidrow game Download and take part in all the challenges offered by this production.

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Story in Atomic Heart

The story presented in Atomic Heart takes place in the alternative version of the Soviet Union, introduced as a retro-futuristic empire. The player takes on the role of a secret agent under the codename P-3 who is sent to a mysterious facility No. 3826 in order to explain the mystery of the broken connection with the personnel. On the spot, the agent discovers that the machines used there have turned against humans. The facility also became infested with zombies, a by-product of a failed experiment by doctor Stockhausen. To learn more about this story, click on Atomic Heart free Download and discover all the secrets hidden by the facility No. 3826. To find answers, the protagonist has to ransack the entire institution.

Game mechanics in Atomic Heart

The action in Atomic Heart is presented to the player via a first-person perspective. During the game, the main character must explore both the wicked facility and its surrounding areas. The basis of the game is to fight enemies, as well as search for ways to move around without being noticed. The player has different types of melee weapons and firearms at their disposal, but the wide arsenal can also be further modified. Choose your best weapon, click on Atomic Heart free Download and eliminate all the encountered enemies. Apart from serial enemies, our brave agent will also encounter demanding bosses. They are much more difficult to defeat as they require you to work out an appropriate strategy. Challenge each boss and click on Atomic Heart crack Download to find out more about the cursed facility.

Technical issues in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is a production made on the popular Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine. The game creators have fully taken advantage of this technology, the production is very visually appealing. This very unusual, alternative vision of the future has been presented in an interesting way. The detailed locations are particularly praiseworthy. The individual opponents are also original models, like the spectacular animations when finishing off enemies. To enjoy eye-catching finishers, click on Atomic Heart skidrow and defeat every opponent you encounter. Another asset of the production is its atmospheric soundtrack. The music composed for the game is clearly inspired by Russian folk songs. If you admire FPS games with a unique style, click on Atomic Heart Download and delve into the amazing atmosphere of the retrofuturistic Soviet Union.

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